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Our food-loving friends are absolutely in love, having uncovered the secrets to making delicious meals and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

From freshly baked cooks to seasonal pros, here’s some love from the foodies who’ve discovered (and rediscovered) the many joys of cooking and healthy eating.

it was perfection

“Im american married to a nigerian for 6 years and I've always struggled with making the perfect jollof rice. im glad i found your recipe because it was perfection and my husband loved it!!”

ashley kalu Youtube subscriber

my first time

“Im Guyanese dating a Nigerian n he introduced me to Nigerian foods and i fell in love w jollof rice so i decided to try cooking it...i followed your recipe n omg for my first time it turned out very well....thanks for the video”

Rebecca Powley Youtube subscriber

original jollof rice

“I cooked it for my mother in law's birthday party (she's Nigerian) everybody loved it and she said I cooked the original jollof rice lol ”

Sona Barseghyan Youtube subscriber

I love nigerian food…

though I’m a filipino Nigerian people are so warm and friendly and their food is also nutritios but I’m having a hard time looking for cray fish in the philippines i also know how to make fufu By the way you’re so pretty and i love the way you speak it’s so clear Thank you so much and I’m going to make this jallof rice”

Pr Incess Youtube subscriber

I’m a 12 yr old

“Thanks for this cooking miss. I'm a 12 yr old and I love to cook so I added this to my recipe book. I hope to grow up as a great cook”

Nitta Silong Youtube subscriber

loved it much

“I am Indian I married with African  We used to cook separate always  As a wife I feel very worried about that But today suddenly I seen this vedio and I ask him let me cook this for you call your friends also  It was my first Africans food  It was delicious they loved it much thank you so much ”

Jesus Ruby Youtube subscriber

Well done zee…

kindly do a kitchen tour video,  also pls make ur video bolder and clearer (by adjusting ur camera, it sometimes looks blurry) before starting new series of cooking.

Take care and cheers!”

Shakirat Amoo-Tella Youtube subscriber

so good…

“I’m glad I subscribe... I’m non Nigerian but dating a Nigerian. I am good at cooking all those jollof, fried rice, egusi and vegetable soup. Now I want to learn more from you because you seem so good at preparing all the dishes. God bless your hard work.”

Caroline Youtube subscriber

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you hit the kitchen...

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