Winnie’s Sizzling Selections

A Collection of Plant - Based,
Low Carb, Detox & Comfort
Foods Everyone Will Love.

The only cookbook you'll need to step up your cooking and healthy eating lifestyle - in an authentically African way. Whether you desire cooking plant-based, low-carb and detox meals and don't want to skimp on taste... or you crave some delectable comfort foods... this cookbook will have you flushed with an array of enchanting recipes you'd relish for years.



it was perfection...

“Im american married to a nigerian for 6 years and I've always struggled with making the perfect jollof rice. im glad i found your recipe because it was perfection and my husband loved it!!”

Ashley Kalu, Youtube subscriber

Looking to ditch tasteless, time-consuming, and
unhealthy meals for good and make comfort food
at the snap of your fingers? Look no further!

Want to ditch tasteless, time-consuming and unhealthy meals for good… and make
comfort foods at the snap of a finger? Look no further!

If so, you’re not alone.

Despite a ton of choices, everyday we’re still forced to choose between healthy and flavour – a sacrifice you shouldn’t have to make!

Whether you’re trying to break unhealthy eating habits, and cook more nutritious meals…

Or dreaming of becoming a culinary sensation to WOW every guest that walks through your door…

Or maybe you’re simply looking for something new to spice up your weekday meal time…

Whatever your culinary goal is, “Winnie’s Sizzling Selections” offers you the easy-road to accessing it…

Cooking can be affordable... Food prep can be easier...
And sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be a fun
and wholesome experience!

Yep! You read that right. Cooking no longer has to be a chore.

And your kitchen can become a space of joy and fulfilment. A place where health and happiness is homemade, and memories are being shared over a warm, sizzling meal.

You can have and maintain a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank or compromising your dining experience. Whether you’ve got an appetite for plant-based, low-carb or detox foods…Or you’re eager to soothe your cravings with some comfort food…

And the best part? You can make delicious meals in as little as 30 minutes.

What if... creating an assortment of epic meals
could be fun, fast and easy... and yet have your guests
raving and asking for seconds after having a taste?

In “Winnie’s Sizzling Selections” I give you the recipes], meal plans and quick tips that I personally use as Nigeria’s no.1 cooking show host and culinary expert. 

This cooking guide gives you full creative control, helping you make meals that nurture your health and thrill your taste buds.

With this collection of nourishing and delicious recipes, you’ll never be short of healthy meals and comfort food recipe ideas again! Not to mention the delicious snacks, memorable desserts, plus quick-and-easy meal plans all served up in one riveting book. 

A must-have cookbook!
Laced within its pages are the secret sauce to cooking healthy, delicious foods without the fuss. And if you...

…love experimenting with African and Nigerian cuisine

…want fun, fast and easy-to-follow meal plans that take healthy cooking to a whole new culinary standard

…are craving foods that support and complement your healthy lifestyle (not destroy it!)

…want to throw caution to the wind and cook comfort food recipes everyone will love

…are interested in knowing all about eating and living healthy…

Winnie’s Sizzling Collections:
A collection of plant-based, low-carb,
detox & comfort foods everyone will love.

And most importantly, embrace the joy
of cooking with cheer... and never stress over
what to eat to stay healthy all through the day

What you will discover inside the pages of Winnie’s

Sizzling Selections: A Collection of Plant - Based,

Low Carb, Detox & Comfort Foods Everyone Will Love.

Over 100 healthy, delectable African/Nigerian – inspired recipes.

Your secret little c ooking playbook that’s filled with flavorful recipes that are fun, easy to follow and delight and surprise even the pickiest eaters – adult or kid.

The Plant-Based Recipes Section of This Cookbook is Loaded.

Packed with juicy veggies, fruits and whole grains, this 14 day plant-based meal plan will have you loving the power of plants. With a focus on healthy fats, exhilarating flavors and a solid balance of protein, fiber and carbs to help keep your body chugging along all day long.

Whether you’re new to plant based eating or looking for a way to incorporate more veggies into your life… you can count on the recipes in this meal plan to deliver on taste and nourishment, every single day!

Looking For Low-Carb Recipes, We Got You!

This cookbook contains a low carb section that makes eating healthy simple and delicious… It offers a selection of guided recipes which will help you reduce your carbohydrate intake and balance out sweet tooth cravings with healthy fats.

Plus, with average cooking times of 30 minutes, this meal plan makes the low-carb lifestyle accessible to anyone on any type of schedule.

Re-Cleanse Your Body With Recipes From Our Detox Section!

Give yourself a healthy restart from the inside out, starting today with utter simplicity… And get ready to start feeling like your best self. Go ahead, order now and hit the “refresh button” on your health by grabbing your detox meal plan today!

Eye-Appealing Picture Guide For Each Recipe!

You won’t have to worry about figuring out what the final outcome of the recipe will be. Every recipe has a picture that shows you exactly what the recipe should be like.

It’s The Perfect Gift to Give a Loved One or a Friend.

Show your loved ones some love by giving them a copy of this cookbook. Trust us, they would love it!

About the Author

Winifred Nwania, fondly known by her fans as Winnie or the Sizzle Queen and the Queen of Fun & Fast Cooking is a culinary expert, a food entrepreneur, the host of The Zeelicious Cooking Series on Youtube & My Naija Plate on DSTV 173 & GOTV 57 and now a published cookbook author. 

Originally an acclaimed oil industry expert, Winifred became a culinary professional to help people increase their repertoire of recipes and put African/ Nigerian food on the culinary world map. 

She’s the founder & mastermind behind the Zeelicious Foods Brand, a brand that now serves a global audience of over 1,000,000 devotees and specializes in helping food lovers feel confident to channel their inner creative powers to cook a varied array of African and continental dishes from the comfort of their own home. 

Within a short few years, Winifred has taught millions of people how to enjoy good food and lead healthy and happy lives –without compromising life’s sweet flavors. 

She has made it a mission to help demystify the complexities of making mouth-watering African/Nigerian inspired meals with easy-to-follow recipes and other products and services that make life in the kitchen so much easier. 

Serves a global
audience of
over 1M+ people

Helped 5k + of people
lead healthy and
happy lives

Partnered with some of the biggest food brands in Nigeria & Africa to create healthy & delicious recipe videos for their audience

Spokesperson at
prime events held
by YouTube and
Google Nigeria

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