I’m Here to Bring Out Your
Inner Creative Cook

My mission is to help you enjoy good food and live a happier, healthier life – without compromising on life’s tasty pleasures. But before we get started on your thrilling escapade with heavenly aromas and mind-numbing tastes… Here are just a few tidbits about my journey so far.

2004 My first attempt at cooking...

Heavily spiced and half-cooked! That’s how my first attempt at cooking turned out. It was the day of my father’s passing…

The atmosphere at home was gloomy, none of my older siblings cared to cook. So, 12 year old me
decided to brighten the mood by cooking a pot of jollof rice.

It was a disaster (lol)… But it lit a fire in my belly. And instead of drowning myself in oceans of my own tears, I decided to become the main cook at home – even though I was the baby-girl of the house.

2009 Young girl with BIG dreams!

I was a young girl with mammoth-sized dreams. But society forced me to toe-the-line… So, I played it safe and chucked my passions for making it BIG in the culinary arts to the back burner.

Like most people… straight out of the University of Lagos, I got a job. It was high-paying and could be
considered a dream job for most people my age… But I always caught my mind wandering. Ideas for creating fresh new recipes.. Imagining aromas and flavours… Mmmhhh!! So, I started blogging about my recipes as a hobby…

Yeaa!! We just went viral
on the socials...​


Out of nowhere, one of my recipe blog posts went viral, and I got invited to a cooking contest in Lagos.

Armed with thousands of hours experimenting all sorts of foods and ingredients… I took on the
challenge and came through with cash prizes and awards. A few of my unique recipes were also
adopted by some top restaurants, and are still being served today…

And this sudden acclaim and publicity got me the opportunity to host a cooking show on Loveworld TV.

2015 TV host with a difference...

As a cooking show host, I was excited at the opportunity to put African cuisine on the map. I want everyone in the world to taste and enjoy African dishes.

But, I wished for more…

I wanted my audience to enjoy African and continental dishes in a healthier way. So, I dedicated two years to studying nutrition. I gained a deeper knowledge of foods, food ingredients and our bodies’ relationship with food.

2016 But, was I ready?

The dream to make it BIG in the culinary arts was back alive and well. I was charged, eager and super inspired to burst out. But, I was scared and second-guessing myself. One question lingered in my head…

Was I ready?

If ever I needed my dad’s comforting voice, it was now!

Should I continue in the security of a job or break into the culinary arts which inspires me… It was seductive, exciting but filled with uncertainty.

2017 The decision

It was a sweltering Monday morning, and I had made my decision the night before. I slid my resignation letter across the table to my boss.

Even though at the time I had meager resources, little to no business connections and zero business
experience… I knew I had something that’ll help a lot of people.

The Zeelicious Foods Company was born…

And our YouTube channel grew from 0-50,000
subscribers within 6 months.

We're cooking, dishing
and making news!!

2018 - 2019

I’ve been taking care of business and it seems the Internet has taken notice…

  • My cooking tutorial videos are now reaching 600,000+ homes all over the world.
  • Major brands have also taken notice…
  • Zeelicious Foods now collaborates with brands like Power Oil Nigeria, Unilever
  • (Nigeria), amongst others. We also got featured in the centre spread of
  • ThisDay Newspaper, Vanguard, Business Day & The Guardian. Our cooking show is now airing on
  • EbonyLife TV, POP Central TV, WAPTV and Joy prime TV Ghana!

2020 and beyond

A flourishing business, Zeelicious Foods now serves over 500,000 people and has recently launched a food catering service called Lush Treats by Zeelicious Foods where we cater to your individual food needs, social functions, corporate events, etc.

In 2021 I’ll be launching my first cookbook: Winnie’s
Sizzling Selections!

Alongside a line of high quality kitchenware and
affordable products

so you can cook mouthwatering, memorable and
delicious meals with fun and in style.’

You can find out more, and order your copy of my brand new cookbook by clicking the blazing red button

Start Your journey to a Happier, Healthier Life

While part of my culinary story ends here, yours might just begin.
Because what’s even more important than sharing details of my
journey with you is knowing how I can help you shape yours.

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Service Highlights

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