Ofada Sauce Recipe



sites de rencontres ca marche follow site INGREDIENTS

  • 10 large red bell peppers (tatashe)
  • 5 medium fresh peppers (atarodo)
  • 20 tiny pieces beef
  • 20 tiny pieces shaki
  • 20 tiny pieces goat meat
  • 20 tiny pieces kpomo (sow skin)
  • 1 large onion bulb
  • 2 table spoons crayfish
  • 4 seasoning cubes
  • 1 table spoon ground pepper
  • 2 table spoons locust beans (iru)
  • 1 cup shredded dry fish
  • 1 cup palm oil
  • Salt to taste PROCEDURE

  • Thoroughly wash beef, shaki, goat meat and kpomo (remember to cut them into tiny pieces). Place in a medium pot, season with half of the onion, 3 seasoning cubes, ground pepper and salt to taste. Stir thoroughly to combine and leave to cook on medium heat for 25-30mins or until tender.

  • While that is cooking, wash the red bell peppers and fresh peppers, ridding them of the seeds, (leave the seeds if you want the stew very peppery), place in a baking tray. At this point you can either choose to wait for the meat to get soft so that you can grill it while the peppers are roasting or go ahead and place the peppers in the oven and fry your meat when it is soft. Set the oven to 160 degree centigrade and roast for 40mins.

click Peppers and meat roasting in the oven

Kostenloser rencontres nationales d'arboriculture 2015 ministerien palkat ministerien palkat zur Ermittlung des Intelligenzquotienten mit Auswertung und Analyse Note: I prefer my meat grilled because it is healthier.

  • When peppers are perfectly roasted, place in a blender or food processor and blitz on medium heat for 20 seconds or until a very rough consistency is formed. Set aside.

texte intro site de rencontre Peppers in a food processor

  • Pour palm oil into a pot and set on low heat. Leave to bleach for about 10mins
  • Slice remaining onions and add into hot oil. Sauté till caramelized, this should take at most 15mins. Remember, your heat should be turned down to the lowest to prevent the onions from burning. Stir occasionally.
  • Afterwards, add locust beans (iru) and ground crayfish, stir and leave to cook for one minute.
  • Add blended peppers, stir thoroughly to combine. At this point you can turn up the heat to medium. Leave to fry for about 5 minutes, staring occasionally.
  • Next add 1 cup of meat stock (water used to cook the meat), remaining seasoning cubes and salt to taste. Leave to cook for 5-7mins.
  • Finally, add the grilled or fried pieces of meat and stir thoroughly to combine. Leave to cook for another 5mins and turn off heat afterwards.



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    […] You can enjoy this with any protein of your choice. I had some left over ofada sauce which had lots of tiny bits of meat in it and so I decided to use that; and of course some plantain kebabs to go with it. Yummy! Whatever you decide to use, make sure you enjoy the dish. Get the recipe to my Fried Ofada Sauce here […]

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    This is delicious!!! Just made this today… Yummy!!!

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