My Review: The Lagoon Restaurant Popularly Known as Churrasco

Reviews Saturday is my favorite day of the week and also one of my busiest days. I had some free time over the weekend and decided to try something new…it was a spontaneous act, as I totally did not plan to do what I did when I woke up in the morning. I decided to visit one out of the many restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria to have a taste of their food. It was not so easy making a choice because a lot of them came to mind at the same time. I thought for a while and finally decided to visit Lagoon Restaurant located on Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Victoria Island. A friend once told me of how cool their service was and I decided to experience it for myself.

ثنائي الخيار الفيسبوك I got to the restaurant in the evening and was ushered into the restaurant and realized it was by the sea-side, that made me feel a little bit comfortable; who am I kidding, truth be told, I was impressed and super excited. I sat very close to the waterside and it felt like a restaurant on a boat. As a lover of food and nature, it was a perfect combination for me.

soiree rencontre celibataire musulman In my opinion, interior decor was poor and it gave the place a very dull look. All that didn’t distract me though, as that wasn’t my main aim of going there in the first place. The time finally came to place my order and I was given a menu. I was totally clueless on what to pick or maybe I was just distracted by how tacky their menu looked. I mean, how much does it cost to get new menus? The waiter assigned to me didn’t even make matters any better. I decided to liven the mood a little and went as far as cracking jokes with him but his face was so straight; I began to wonder if my jokes were really that boring or maybe he was just going through some personal issues. Anyway I went ahead to place an order; I decided to go with Grilled Lobster, as I had never had this before that day. For me it was a little bit pricey but for a food not so common in Nigeria, I felt I would get good value for my money.

spot option demo I patiently waited for about 30 minutes before my order arrived; as the waiter already informed me that it had to be freshly prepared and would take a while.

go to link The order finally arrived and at first I was stunned at the humongous creature starring me in the face. I am an advocate of how good a food looks on a plate and if what I see doesn’t appeal to my sight, I loose my appetite. I wasn’t totally impressed at the presentation of the dish but it was manageable and I was certainly not about to loose my appetite after spending so much. The Grilled Lobster came with fries and a chili sauce. The fries were a total no-no! It was very soggy and I could literally see the oil used in frying dripping from it. I pushed it aside and focused on the grilled lobster. I totally enjoyed the lobster and chili sauce but it was too small. Don’t be deceived by the picture, the edible part of this lobster was so small and the other parts were made of hard shell and raw gills and I wasn’t ready to put my teeth and taste buds through hell.

How To Get Cytotec Prescription in Greensboro North Carolina Unfortunately, the major highlight of my day was not the food because I wasn’t totally satisfied. It was the fact that I could feel the cool breeze from the sea on my soft skin and I was there alone with my thoughts; that for me was more than enough.

binäre optionen ab 5 euro If you are looking to have a feel of the sea breeze but don’t want to go to the beach, then you should totally try them out. For the food, it was good but can be better; what I didn’t really like was the service delivery. Very tacky!

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    March 28, 2016 at 14:07
    Reply Way to go! Will try out Churrasco and see for myself

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