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go site Maison Fahrenheit! Maison Fahrenheit! I had heard so much about this place that I began to wonder what it was about the place that had people always talking about it. I was on the rooftop of Eko Hotel and Suites, in Victoria Island, Lagos, with a friend some days ago. Whilst we were having drinks, she pointed to a well-lit building and said, “Have you been there before?” I looked to see what she was pointing at but I didn’t recognise the place. She immediately said, “That is Maison Fahrenheit!” In my mind I thought, “Oh no! Here we go again.” She went on and on about the place and I took advantage of the opportunity to ask her what was so amazing about the place that has everyone tripping. Could it be because the environment was really nice or cosy or because they proffer excellent service delivery or because they serve great food? She said I had to go and experience it for myself because there are no words to describe it. So I made up my mind that I was going to check out the place. An opportunity arose last week Friday when my colleagues at work decided that it won’t be a bad idea to have some fun time out #TGIF and asked if I was game. Of course, you know what my answer was! I immediately suggested we visit Maison Fahrenheit, and to my surprise most of them didn’t even know the place exists. I had to talk them into visiting it, based on all the info I had gotten from others and prayed a silent prayer in my heart that they won’t eat me up alive if the place didn’t turn out to be as exactly as I had hyped it to be. We journeyed there after work at about 7pm and I had this feeling of excitement and nervousness at the same time. My friends didn’t have the slightest idea what I was going through. I was excited because I was visiting a new place that I had heard so much about from people, and nervous because I really wasn’t sure if all my expectations were going to be met. As soon as we got there, we knew we were in the right place; the well-lit building was very eye-catchy and the ambience was great. There was ample space for parking by the roadside, but I had to pay N500 and was assured of the safety of my car. When we walked into the compound, I realised that Maison Fahrenheit also offers hotel services. I observed that cars inside the compound were parked in a disorderly manner probably because of the small size of the compound.

go here Well, all of that was not my main focus, as all I wanted to do was have a taste of their food and have a great time with friends. We decided to stay at their rooftop bar. We got off the lift and bumped into a very fine Egyptian man named Mahmoud who asked if we had a reservation and we said we didn’t and then he instructed a young Nigerian waiter to take us to some seats that were available. The rooftop bar was very spacious and I especially liked the feel of the cool breeze on my skin. Loud music was playing in the background and we asked the waiter to please turn it down a little and he obliged our request. People kept trooping in and before long the seats were fully occupied. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, vibrant gisting sounds and it was very easy to tell that there was lots of excitement in the air. At this point, I was a little bit comfortable because from the look on my friends’ faces, they liked what they were seeing but I couldn’t fully relax just yet because I hadn’t had a taste of their food, which was one of my main reasons for going there in the first place.

follow The waiter handed us the menu to go through and pick out what we wanted but I noticed he was a bit impatient; probably because he had other customers to attend to, I felt he was extremely impolite. But nonetheless, I didn’t let that distract me as I took my time to pick out what I wanted to eat and so did my colleagues. At this point I was already starting to feel a slight headache just because of how disorganised their menu looked… I mean, I have never seen a menu that disorganised in my entire life. It made it extremely difficult to pick out what we wanted; too many letters running here and there with nothing distinguishing the heading or sub-heading from the main text. At this point I started to wonder if all the hype about the place was really worth it. Anyways, I managed to keep my calm by not focusing on the negative. What lifted my mood a bit was the view from were I sat, the ever-busy Ademola Adetokunbo road looked so beautiful as the street lights shone so brightly with cars going to and fro, and the fact that I could see all these from 5 floors up felt really cool! And let’s not forget the cool breeze. #bliss.IMG_3121

iq conto demo Let’s not get too distracted, lets go back to the menu. Note that because we were at the rooftop bar, no real food was on the menu; all they had were finger foods and alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks. I ordered Chicken Spring Rolls and Samosas and a non-alcoholic cocktail called Snow White, which is made up of pineapple juice, cream and coconut flavour; my total order came up to N7, 500. One of my friends wasn’t sure of what he wanted and asked the waiter if the Salt and Chilli Calamari on the menu tasted good. My friend decided to go with the order when the waiter told him it’s the best calamari in the world; we all turned to the waiter and laughed as he said this. But we all looked forward to having a taste of the Calamari. The Salt and Chilli Calamari is served with Tomato & Ginger Chilli and Tartar Sauce. He ordered it with a tall glass of freshly squeezed pineapple juice. His order totaled to N6, 500. Finally, my other friend decided to go for Buffalo wings served with Potato Wedges and Coleslaw with a glass of red wine at a total cost of N6, 000. At this point my taste buds were already itching to have a taste of all these foods. The waiter informed us that our order would be ready in 20 minutes. While I was enjoying the beautiful scenery, my friends had their eyes glued to the TV screen where a football match was showing. Mahmoud, the Egyptian waiter, approached us and asked if we were comfortable; again our response was, “Yes.” Less than five minutes later, a beautiful lady with an amazing smile walked up to us with our drinks. IMG_3131Immediately, I took a sip of the Snow White drink just because I was really eager to taste it. I could taste the pineapple and coconut flavours and the addition of cream gave it a frosty look that I liked. The drink was a little bit too sugary (maybe it’s because I am not such a fan of sugary things), but I found myself sipping it without stopping (it tasted that good!MF 1good!). The freshly squeezed pineapple juice my friend ordered was good too, but you could tell from its sour taste that a not-so-ripe pineapple was used, which made the drink kind of unpleasant for me, but somehow, my friend loved it. I couldn’t taste the red wine because I didn’t want any funny reaction in my tummy as I had already filled it up with my Snow White drink.

partnervermittlung neuss Shortly after, our food arrived. Our attention all went to the Salt & Chilli Calamari because of the comment the waiter had made earlier, but to say that we were all deeply disappointed will be saying the least. Dear Lord! I mean, who messes up seafood? It looked so bad, I almost didn’t want to have a taste of it but I had to, for the sake of this review. Plus it was so poorly plated and very cold by the time it got to us. It tasted like chaff in my mouth and I didn’t enjoy the feeling at all. In my friend’s words, “This thing tastes like boiled akara (bean balls).” LOL!

Tastylia Oral Strip IMG_3094I had a taste of the tarter sauce, loved the fact that it was creamy and well made; I mean, anything with garlic in it does the magic for me and it complemented the Calamari in a way, but I wondered what happened to the tomato & ginger chili that was supposed to come with the dish…I guess it got lost in transit.

site de rencontre top 10 We moved on to the Chicken Spring-rolls and Samosas. In my opinion, the farm fresh vegetables were over-cooked, and the chicken in the spring rolls was the only reason I enjoyed it. It was still hot and from the crunchy feel, I could tell that it was properly fried, as there was no sign of oil dripping from it. The samosas were properly fried as well, but the fried minced beef in it tasted like it was bad. Truthfully, my taste buds rejected it immediately it got into my mouth and I spat it out discreetly into a serviette. IMG_3122My friends didn’t even bother joining me in my spring rolls and samosa tasting adventure.

There was one more food to taste, the Buffalo wings with potatoes wedges and coleslaw. In my opinion, this was the only food that was plated well, but not totally satisfactory as I was still distracted by the food stains around the plate.

IMG_3093The menu said the meal comes with potato wedges but we ended up seeing fries on the plate! I don’t know when potato wedges became synonymous with fries! Their only saving grace was that the fries were properly fried. The buffalo wings were properly cooked and well-spiced and every bite was a hit! This was the only food my friends and I really enjoyed. The coleslaw was an absolute no-no for me. It was too creamy, you can even tell from the picture. The vegetables were shredded terribly. Please Maison Fahrenheit, with all the money you make, get yourself a nice Food Processor, it will help you in your vegetable shredding process.
Another friend of ours joined us after this horrid food tasting experience and after hearing all we had to say about the food we ate, decided to get proper Nigerian food from their restaurant.

I journeyed with him down the elevator to the ground floor and into the restaurant. And OMG! The ambience was breath taking; it was very cosy and cool. This picture does no justice to the real thing.


He decided to eat Egusi soup & fish, served with Eba. Order arrived 15 minutes after and I was impressed at the plating of the food.

IMG_3139The soup didn’t really look like it was properly made and the aroma was a little bit foul but I was totally impressed with how the Eba was made and plated. My friend proceeded to eat the food because he was really hungry and offered me to have a taste. Note that although I was impressed with the plating of the food, I wasn’t totally satisfied with the foul smell I had perceived, but I tasted it anyway for the sake of this review and in my opinion, the taste wasn’t satisfactory at all. The Egusi soup wasn’t properly fried with palm-oil before it was cooked and even though there were lots of dry fish and stock fish in the soup, the taste was still off. It tasted as if I was eating raw blended Egusi. Maybe a little more pepper and seasoning cubes would have helped but I guess it was a little too late already. Now I know exactly why the restaurant was empty at that time of the night..

It was another battle for us when it was time to settle the bill. We begged and begged the waiter over five times to give us the bill but it still didn’t come. We thought it was a free-food kind of night and so we got up and headed for the elevator and that was when the waiter hurriedly followed us to give us the bill. How Tacky!!! I was so pissed.

At this point, I was losing all the excitement I initially felt about the place, and in my head I began to wonder what all those people were doing at the rooftop bar. Maybe they didn’t really come for the food but came because of the well-chilled atmosphere Maison Fahrenheit provides. But imagine how much more bucks you will make from such a place if the food tastes good.

Maison Fahrenheit please improve on the quality of your food and service. Apart from the privilege of hanging out with good friends and the nice view from the rooftop bar, there was nothing else memorable about my experience there. You have a nice place for people to relax and have a nice time, but your food tastes so bad. Improve on it or better still, change your chefs!


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    Nice Review. Thanks

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      Thank you KenOne.

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    April 8, 2016 at 14:32

    Nice n detailed review, would be sure to order snow white when I visit, the ambience sounds like just the kinda place I need. Thx

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      Thank you Tope.

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