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go to link I was driving on the busy streets of Victoria Island in Lagos a few days ago, when I received a call from a client to meet for an urgent discussion. He gave me the choice of deciding where to meet, I asked if it was okay to meet at a restaurant and he was absolutely okay with it. I looked at my map and it indicated that I was on Musa Yardua Street. Immediately, I pulled over to the side of the road, took my phone and googled restaurants on that street; I didn’t want to drive further to avoid getting caught-up in traffic. The google search came through and there were lots of restaurants on that street, but I decided to go with Crust and Cream – Pastry|Bakery|Bistro. I had never been there before and so I was a bit skeptical and didn’t know if it was a great place to have a meeting, and eat good food at the same time because I was very hungry at the time.
Fortunately, it was just two blocks from where I was and so I drove there quickly to check out the environment before informing my client of the location. Parking was not a problem; there was ample parking space. I hurriedly went in and immediately thought the place would do for the meeting I wanted to have. So I found a comfortable place to sit, called my client and gave him the location. In my opinion, the ambience was cool, but not 100% satisfactory. There was no music playing in the background, which made the place feel kinda dull and boring. I gave them the benefit of doubt by assuming their sound system was broken and they had taken it to get it fixed. Sitting arrangement was great, it wasn’t over crowded and there was ample space to get comfy.

binäre optionen beste handelszeiten Two minutes after I took a sit, a waiter approached my table with the menu and a straight face. I immediately told him to put a smile on his face or get me someone else who would if he couldn’t; I do not like to deal with people who don’t smile (Lol!). His face immediately beamed and I said, “Now that’s much better!” With that smile, I became comfortable and collected the menu. I informed him that I was here for a meeting and was waiting for someone, and so out of respect I wasn’t going to place my order for food until my client arrived. He then suggested I order a drink from the menu first while I wait. I looked through the menu; it was beautifully and colourfully designed, but I didn’t like the theme colour. Under the drinks section, they had wines (red and white), cocktails, beers, etc. I looked through the options under mocktails and decided to go with Bahama Mama, which is a mix of strawberry, orange juice, pineapple juice, coconut milk and whipped cream.

follow I sat there alone with nothing to feed my eyes or ears with except my phones. So I looked through my phone for about 5 minutes before my order arrived.
I grabbed it immediately it landed on my table because I was so hungry and the very first sip felt like a blast of fresh air. It tasted so good, and trust me, I wanted to be sure my judgement wasn’t based on the fact that I was hungry (people always say everything tastes good when you are hungry) and so I reserved some for after-meal to be sure my taste buds weren’t playing tricks on me. IMG_4433

follow site My client finally arrived 20 minutes later and we started our discussion immediately. The waiter approached our table and handed us the menu. Coincidentally, my client was hungry as well so we both decided to have food while we discuss. I had been craving seafood all day so I decided to have Grilled White Fish Fillet, which was a mix of grilled fish fillet, lemon butter sauce, and steamed mixed vegetables served with fried basmati rice or french fries. Of Course I chose the rice option. My total order rounded up to N5,800 only. IMG_4445My client didn’t want anything heavy so he decided to go with a cup of cappuccino and a croissant, which I later discovered was his usual order whenever he visited Crust and Cream; all the waiters knew him very well. We proceeded with our discussion, which was very productive and less than twenty minutes later, the order arrived. As soon as my food was placed on the table, I assessed their plating skills and was impressed.
What caught my attention was how the nicely grilled fish fillet was laid on the steamed mixed vegetables. The food was a lot though, and I am not a big eater.IMG_4440 After satisfying my eyes, I proceeded to satisfy my stomach. I started by drizzling some lemon juice on the grilled fish to get that tangy taste of the lemon. First bite, and I knew i was going to finish the whole meal! The fish was well seasoned and properly grilled; you could even tell from the way it looked. IMG_4446The vegetables were properly steamed and spiced. The only issue i had with the food was with the rice. It was well cooked (it wasn’t soggy as the grains were standing apart), but I could tell that it was over seasoned with a lot of soy sauce (a major ingredient in preparing Chinese dishes), which kind of spoilt the entire taste of the rice; Crust and Cream please go easy on the soy sauce. But generally, the food was nice.

site de rencontre amoureuse gratuit belgique Remember, I left a bit of my Bahama Mama mocktail earlier. I picked up from where I left off, and it was the exact same feeling I had the first time I took a sip. Truth be told, it was nice and each ingredient was used in the right quantity. The Bahama Mama will be my mocktail choice anytime I visit Crust and Cream.

20 MG Tastylia Tadalafil Oral Strips Online I couldn’t really have a taste of my client’s croissant and cappuccino FullSizeRender 2because we aren’t close and so I can’t write anything about it; but it looked good and inviting. I will be visiting Crust and Cream again, sometime in the nearest future, and hopefully, I will have that.

binäre optionen nachteil Crust and Cream, please improve on your service delivery and get some music playing in the background; it has a way of lightening up the atmosphere. Thank you for the great food and creating a place for me to have a productive meeting. I will come back again!

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    follow site China is the most intoxicating place for me. In Shanghai, there’s an inn called the Tawaraya which is quite extraordinary. Well culture fascinates me: the food, the table, the chairs….well i dint see much interior of this place… But the experience that has moved me the most is the Cappuccino!

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